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Is this thing still on?

I know, I know, I haven't posted in forever.

Seriously, my life isn't anything exciting and I've never anything I truly want to say that I don't verbally speak out about. Of course, not having any friends nearby is most likely the cause of that.

Plus, since I've been moved around a lot at the office and now sit with my back to the main aisle, it's not a very wise thing for me to be bumming about on the internet posting things. Also, they've cracked down on internet usage so, meh. I did the majority of my postings during work hours and when I'm home, I just don't think about this thing.

So, other than Felix deciding to up and leave, what is going on with everyone? Eh?

For those of you who like Pampered Chef

A friend of mine, who also stood in my wedding as a bridesmaid, has a little boy that is almost two that is suffering from brain cancer. I'm putting a link to a fundraiser for him that I would love all of you to visit and, if possible, purchase something. The Pampered Chef representative has been gracious enough to donate all of her commission to my friend Alayne and her son Bram. I'm also attaching a write up another friend wrote giving a background on both Alayne and Bram. If you can, please help out. I would be most appreciative and I know that Alayne and Bram would be as well.

If you aren't into the Food Network type of gadgets but would still like to help out or leave a note of encouragement for Alayne, visit here:  www.bramaikens.com

Now, for all the shoppers of everything Food Network, here's the link to Pampered Chef. Be sure you list Bram Aikens as the host and select to have your goodies shipped to you. I love you all dearly, but I cannot personally deliver! www.pamperedchef.biz/fonda If you have any questions, please contact the Pampered Chef rep through her website. Hurry and order as the funraiser ends on June 25th!

And here's the story of Bram:

Bram Aikens was 22 months old when he was diagnosed with an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor in his brain.
This is a very rare, highly malignant and aggressive brain tumor that was the size of a racquetball.
He had surgery to remove it on April 15, 2008 and he started his year-long chemotherapy protocol on April 29th.
His chemotherapy treatment is highly aggressive to combat this particular tumor.
He is suffering a great deal from the chemo. He is in the hospital most of the time with a "fever of unknown origin", jaw pain and many other undesirable side effects. He hasn't eaten much of anything since he started his chemo, so he has to be fed intravenously every evening.

His mother, Alayne, is a single mom and works as a teacher.
She is out of sick days, so her pay has been cut in half from now until the end of summer.
But, come next school year (August), she will only have 10 sick days and then she will not get paid at all for any time she takes off after that.
Bram is not allowed in any daycares during his treatment and she cannot afford a private nurse to stay home with him.
Bram is on Medicaid but is about to be removed from it, so Alayne has to get him on the insurance at school and doesn't know how she will pay the premiums.
She also lives 55 miles from Children's Medical and has to drive there every week for his treatments in an unreliable 95 GMC Jimmy.
The gas alone is going to break her.
Bram's father will not even acknowledge the existence of Bram, let alone help with money or insurance. She has been trying for 2 years to get child support and it is a losing battle. The father is in Florida and the Floride Attorney General just aren't doing much to get things done. She is trying though.

So, needless to say, she needs help badly. I have known Alayne for 12 years and she has been through some rough times. It breaks my heart to see that she cannot catch a break in any direction she turns to.

So, please, forward this email to your friends, family and co-workers. And let's see if we can help relieve some of the financial strain from Alayne and Bram's lives.

Thank you so much,
Stephanie Kypuros

I live...so there.

I've nothing particularly interesting to say, so enjoy this, my video selection for the day:

This song.

He's so hot to me.

The weekend = over

This saddens me. I'm truly an advocate for the two day work week and five day weekend. Heck, I'll even compromise for a four day work week and three day weekend... I think that makes me rather generous.

Friday night was a night spent at home. I contemplated getting up and going to see a movie but opted for a nap on the couch for a couple of hours, to yet another truly bizarre dream. It seems whenever I nap on the couch in the late afternoon that I have some utterly strange dreams. One I had was that I was doing a talk show out of my livingroom hosted by someone who resembled Merv Griffin, my husband (who was Tim McGraw *shudder*) was a guest as well and I was singing a Rascal Flats song. J was there, having an ice cube war with someone and I woke up puzzled. The other strange dream was I was going to a movie with my bro-in-law and father-in-law, without J and the pop-in-law was driving my car. For some reason, we took the dogs to a kennel (maybe it was a long movie?) and when we got to the movie theatre it was set up like a massive dinner theatre and I told my brother-in-law to hold my hand and skip with me because it's fun... now, my bro-in-law would NEVER hold my hand unless it was for some amazingly good reason, like keeping me safe from something, and he sure as hell would NEVER SKIP! But he did in my dream... strange. And then, the three of us got kicked out of the theatre because I sat down on a step to tie my shoe lace and well...who knows... Friday evenings dream was me and the hubby clearing out the house for a garage sale, kids were riding their bikes through my house and it was pissing me off and there was something else that my hubby was doing that I can't remember what it was but it was truly strange. Weirdness I tell you. Perhaps I should have gone to that movie.

Saturday was an odd day. It started off good. I went and got my hair cut. Hubby and I went to Burger King for lunch and during the course of the lunch and conversation I got myself upset and the hubby and I spent about an hour being stressed out with each other. I won't go into details over what set me off, but I'm pretty sure my hormones had a good role in it. We went to go pick up one of the terror twins to take him to the bank to get money to pay us for comic books, I was still upset...took him home and then went to the comic book store where J went in to get comics. I managed to get myself together and my head on straight while he did that...I guess I just really needed to clean my purse out of the junk and in the process managed to clean the junk out of my head. When he came back, I apologized and life got better. We went home, he took a nap, I watched television and then we went to karaoke.

At karaoke, I learned that one of my friends from there almost got killed last Tuesday. Debbie, you'll know said friend as Anthony. He told me he got this new job that they build trailers to haul big machinery and this young kid, of 19, asked him to get a hitch for him, so Anthony went to get that and when he turned around, this crane thing they use to move the trailers had a trailer hooked to it by a chain and the chain snapped, causing the trailer to act as a pendulum and it swung and hit the 19 year old guy in the head, taking the kids head off. Anthony said has he walked a few more paces, it would have hit him too. Scary.

Yesterday, I spent all day being a crampy, hormonal female doped up on Tylenol. I watched movies all day. I watched Meet Joe Black, and can now say that I've seen the whole movie; plus I watched Dangerous Liasons which I'd seen before but it had been a long time. After that, I was feeling a bit better and so I got up to do some laundry and moved to my office to hang out online for several hours.

I'm beginning to feel the need for more pain killers, but I'm going to eat something first because last night it upset my stomach a bit. Of course, if I had eaten before taking the pills, I'd have fared better, but who wants to eat?

So, that's my exciting, Hollywood movie star life of a weekend in a nutshell..
How's was all of yours?